This Utility Flashlight Shines 30x Brighter Than Your Phone

2023-01-03 13:04:28 By : Ms. Sunny Di

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Add four mini flashlights to your everyday carry for 40% off. Camping Light Usb Rechargeable

This Utility Flashlight Shines 30x Brighter Than Your Phone

In business, entrepreneurs are always trying to be as efficient as possible. It makes sense you'd want the same from your everyday carry devices. In addition to your wallet, phone, and keys, this 8-in-1 utility flashlight is a great option to stay prepared for almost anything that might come your way during the day. Since it comes with four of them, you could even use one as a Hanukkah gift for one of the eight nights.

This rechargeable light is small enough to fit in any pocket and has ultra-bright LEDs that go up to 800 lumens at max power (30x brighter than your phone's flashlight). It offers four modes, including adjustable brightness and flashing, to meet all of your lighting needs. Whether you're dealing with a power outage at the office, have a flat tire at night, or need to work hands-free on a repair at home, it's a handy lighting tool that you can snap to your keychain or backpack, clip to your clothing, attach to any metal surface with the magnetic base, or hang as an emergency lamp.

In addition to being a mini flashlight, this handy tool is also a bottle opener and a carabiner. It also has a folding kickstand making it easy to set up and use just about anywhere. (That makes it especially useful when you're hiking, camping, or fishing.)

The well-reviewed MaxLight is USB rechargeable, giving you up to 3.5 hours of battery on a single charge. It's waterproof and dustproof, has a strong magnetic base for mounting, and has a mounting hole making it extra durable and flexible for any situation. From all of your outdoor adventures to navigating your busy day-to-day life, this handy flashlight is a perfect addition to your everyday carry, your kitchen fridge, or your on-the-go emergency kit.

Gear up at a big discount and gift one to yourself, or even your kids for one of the last nights of gifting. Right now, you can get a four-pack of 8-in-1 MaxLight Mini Super-Bright Utility Flashlights for 39% off $107 at just $64.99.

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This Utility Flashlight Shines 30x Brighter Than Your Phone

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